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Principal's Message

Dear Friends,

I deem it as a prime privilege to pen down few lines on the digital platform of our school website from my desk with a bird’s eye view at the trending times.

As Educators we have faced challenges that came across during the pandemic and learnt so many lessons from it. However, now is the time to leave behind those stressful moments and reenergize and reorient our minds with a positive note to build up an intellectual and value-based society. So far, we depended on the digital platform to impart knowledge to students due to COVID – 19, but now we are back to normalcy striving for the wholistic development of the young minds, the better future of our nation under our care.

There is no doubt in the saying that there no end to the learning process in the lives of human beings from “Womb to Tomb”. Now with all that we have learnt and assimilated must reflect n our lifves inspiring each other with a positive note of “touching lives”. Hence, Let us inspire till we expire”


Fr. Albert Praveen Lobo.